Welcome To The Kaiross Group

Kaiross Group is a poverty alleviation movement that seeks to equip you with the necessary information, skills and world class luxurious intercultural products, heritage and modern services you need to substantiate your full potential in life.
To be the leading poverty alleviation movement globally. To be the excellent practical business education service providers globally as we empower both our clients and staff with all the necessary information, training and skills they need to be the best they can ever be.
The group’s subsidiaries include Kaiross fragrances, Kaiross Detergents, Kaiross Clothing & Shoes, Kaiross Events and Kaiross Catering. Currently we are offering wholesale ladies shoes (pumps & sandals), and a vast variety of both Ladies and Gents perfumes.
Kaiross Group gives you all the education and tools to become a successful business owner. We provide a proven system that is easy to follow. If you need extra money, want to quit your job or want to build a business empire get more information about how to launch a business with The Kaiross Group.

At Kaiross we don't give you a fish, neither do we teach you how to catch a fish. WE TEACH YOU HOW TO OWN THE POND.

The Kaiross Group