Empowerment Services

Kaiross transforming your need into our Action!

We have a community based practical business training system that compliments countries as they coodinate the efforts of multiple sectors of the government and partners from civil society organizations, funds and foundations, bi and multilaterals to private sector- to attain their poverty elimination objectives and support their national SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) policies and strategies. This system ensures  that people have a solid support structure to live their passions and reach their God given destinies. The system have 4 continual levels namely:-


Is a one on one meeting with our highly skilled consultants who reviews your current status, needs, aspirations, weakness’s and strengths making an Analysis of your Identity and purpose. A report will be made highlighting aspects that need your urgent attention and areas that need improvement together with recommendations on how to establish, improve and or mantain a business from the findings.



Having identified your needs and determined your priorities Kaiross Group will embark on a self discovery journey with you. This level have 5 easy practical modules that you go through:

  • WHO AM I? Before getting into business you need to answer that question well, in this module we are identifying the greatness inside you making sure you are a business person or simply an employee. In simple terms this is a identity and purpose discovery exercise , we believe inner peace and profit is found in serving your purpose.
  • BUSINESS STARTUP this module trains and equip you on how to start a business.
  • SALES & MARKETING this module covers all your integrated sales and marketing skills and technics, i.e how to make someone buy your product or services.
  • BOOKKEEPING this is simply training you to develop a culture of recording all your business transactions.
  • CASHFLOW the last modules covering information and  skills of calculating the excess of cash revenues over cash outlays in a given time.



Once all modules are completed Kaiross continues to work with you as you implement the system. At this stage you are introduced to either the well structured fast moving consumer goods listed on our products list or the business service ventures such as fumigation



Once the business system is operational our team will help you to mantain, improve and grow your business. A consultant will visit you on a regular basis (depending on your business state & needs) helping you to run the business accordingly.